Tim Howard, Soccer in America & Univision

The World Cup is over. Fill the void with data analysis.

2 min readJul 9, 2014

Google made a microsite for World Cup Google Trends where they’ve analyzed nearly 2 billion World Cup related searches.

Here are some trends that they didn’t cover.

Tim Howard

Tim Howard won the hearts of Americans and Google searchers with his standout performance during the World Cup. Lets see how he compares to other famous Howards.

Interest in Dwight Howard peaked when he joined and left the Los Angeles Lakers. Interest in Howard Stern saw a small uptick for his 60th birthday. But after the World Cup, Tim Howard took the spot as top Howard in Google Trends.

Just don’t try to give him a hug.

Soccer in America

And if it seems like soccer is getting more popular in the US, it might be. This year’s US search volume for the World Cup was nearly twice as high as previous World Cups while search interest in the Superbowl has remained fairly constant year to year.

That said, it looks like some people are still unsure about soccer being a sport. Spoiler alert, the answers are: yes, yes, yes and yes.


For those of us who cut the cable cord, Univision was the best option for watching the World Cup, either on TV or streaming online. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was brushing up on my Spanish while watching the games.

Their commentators, I mean, comentaristas are more entertaining anyway.


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