Can I provide a counterpoint?
Keith Frazer

Hi Keith,

I think there’s a crucial difference here. Imagine your photos were mailed to everyone you know. Then imagine you received everyone else’s photos, and this cycle perpetuated to eternity, with your whole social circle clued into each other’s lives through pictures. You’d probably get numb. The constant stream of images would be exhausting and it would foster one-upshmanship.

Instagram breeds envy; I think that’s what the author is trying to say. People want others to envy their food, their vacations, their lifestyle. Otherwise it might mean they’re probably on the other side of the equation, that their lives are dull by comparison. So they seek validation by posting pictures of themselves at the edge of a waterfall or at an exclusive club; it’s their ticket into the cool kids’ party. That’s a far cry from photography for its own sake. Your passion seems to be more about capturing a perfect moment, not inventing one.

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