My Andela experience so far….

State of my brain right now — Null
Every single one of the billions if not trillions within. Working and working and working. I am having a positive experience, I say positive because I am certain all this leads to growth. Growth is important in an individual, especially one with a desire to be world class. 
I built myself to an extent in development with self paced learning, but now a fast pace has been set for me to run on, and it is taking everything I have got within. Like I said my cells are working. The human body is a wonderful thing so much work and most times I skip meals… 
I wonder where this strength comes from. 
Oh yes. THE LORD!

Well if you take the time to open a new tab open a wiki page and read on butterflies, these beautiful creatures go through a lot of hell before they become magnificent enough to be tattooed on a teen’s lower back after a drunken night.

In summary my Andela experience has been wonderful nothing beats learning daily, and I know the end result would be worth this straineous path that has been laid out. I look forward to a positive outcome.