My Experience So far…

Day 2 in the Andela bootcamp - but it kind of feels like its been weeks don’t know why or maybe it is because i have not slept in days or maybe cause i cant literally feel my brain — that kind of sounds funny but its the truth.You know,been here before and coming back i taught it was gonna be easier,that am just gonna come here and breeze through the entire week but its been nothing like that, seems a whole lot had changed since my last visit. i have found myself pursuing mad deadlines,refactoring codes,using technologies that on a normal day would never have taught to use and at same time still have to beautify my template and bring it up to standard, and these standards just keep changing.

No no no don’t get me wrong this isn’t a complaint or a rant, I am just overwhelmed and excited at the same time, this is a learning experience and I realize it is a bootcamp hence the unimaginable pressure, and seeing that I have other things to learn and wrap my head around like Continuous integration and the likes I better get back to it. Work has begun on the backend of my template though.
To sum it all up, crazy day but loving it.