My Journey so far..

People wake up to the sun on their face and bask in the warmth of the early morning rays — In a parallel universe I guess, because in my reality I wake up to deadlines. Spent the night oil and extra working on my template holding it all together with codes stronger than ductape. I am positive it would hold under a stress test. 
Anyway I am still on this windy circuit of learning and I have encountered the Hound from hell (yeah it is a new technology) and also travisCI well I guess you are as confused as I am so Google it. But simply put, it’s been crazy. Have had to push myself beyond limits I never even thought were possible,met sets of awesome people and had inspiring conversations during these few days.
 Sometimes I do hope to wake up to a fun morning where I get to hit the snooze button and take out the battery and get served breakfast in bed with a warm bath just after that…but nah,enough of the wishful thinking. 
I have to go back to working on my codes,still got routes to write,bugs to fix,tests to run — I can smell another deadline around the corner. How i find time to eat is beyond me but the Joy of seeing my code run makes this all worth it.