My Fourth Day Of The Andela Bootcamp Class XVI — Journey So far

Bootcamp Today began with two Andelabs Algorithm problems. On one hand, we were required to compare two arrays and find their difference, On the other, we were to create a really efficient binary search function.

Getting the first task done was comparatively easy, the binary function task requires one to thoroughly understand the task, create a solution and also making the solution efficient.

this binary function has to be made efficient

As usual, I get asynchronous when I have a difficult task at hand. I am currently writing my medium post, which is one of the tasks I have to complete today and also pushing my completed design of a simple user interface made with only Html and Css to a git repository.

Today, I have learnt a lot about searching and sorting and its various algorithms, studied a lot of binary search implementations and above all I have enjoyed my day.

With the usual EPIC(excellence, passion, integrity and commitment) spirit of Andela I have to skedaddle back to my remaining tasks and finish up. Hopefully I’ll be done before deadline. TIA — This is Andela — A place of awesomeness.