Ecosystem for Sparking Ideas

One wonders, how many of the people that did something innovative, really knew where they were heading at, in the first place. Some of them might knew, but most of them found it out along the way. Innovation is like a fire… it only needs a spark!

Let’s say, you are on a research team working on an interesting idea. How many people really know what are you working on, the developments concerning your study, the turn it takes and so on? Not that many… Imagine this research team, has its own page on a platform, especially designed to promote academic work. On this page are linked all the members involved in the research and they can post the developments of their projects, perhaps their concerns, anything and everything related to their work. Moreover, members of the platform –individuals or not- who might be interested in this project, with just a click, can follow all the developments related to it.

Well, this platform is about to take on flesh, giving to students, professors and researchers the potential to communicate their ideas, aspirations, projects and accomplishments. iYouth Lab having such a targeted audience permits ideas to flourish with the contribution of people who actually care about the developments on a specific sector. Not only an Innovation Point, as this project-page will be called, can be a source of information for people interested on a specific topic, it can also become the center of attention for universities, enterprises and big organizations that have eyes for promising projects.

iYouth Lab can work as an accelerator that makes ideas turn into something bigger. Innovation Points are everywhere, especially in universities where ideas are being born and nourished. The point is these ideas to find the proper audience to address, to get the floor to global community, no matter if they are located in the United States, Greece, Pakistan or Armenia. Innovative ideas, brilliant minds, passionate researchers are everywhere and deserve to be heard and to work together making the world a better place to live in!

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