Let’s give iYouth to our youth!

We live in the information era, the era of interconnectedness that has changed our lives in such a fast pace, we had never witnessed in the past. Yet, there are so many things that seem to be almost untouched by technologic developments. For example, it may seem absolutely trivial to some students to enter the e-class of a course in order to download learning material. However, this is not the case for other university students, whose academic institution lacks this technologic infrastructure.

When we talk about the future, we talk about the youth who currently gets the education needed to shape tomorrow. This generation, no matter where on planet earth, deserves to have the proper tools, which not only it can make student life easier but it can also create an environment that influences them towards innovation. iYouth Lab and iYouth Cloud aims to make those tools available to every student for free. Once they create an account, they can open a study group along with their professor, where they can discuss about the course, upload and download material, even start polls concerning the discussion topic of the coming lecture. Given that their university has smart-boards or other IOT enhanced devices, the presentations of each class will be uploaded instantly on the cloud and any other information exchange will happen real-time.

Of course, internet access is a prerequisite for such advancements to take place, but at least the platform infrastructure will be provided freely to each student, who has an account in iYouth Lab. The vision for the creation of iYouth Lab has always been to connect global academic community in a single platform, where every member of the academy can have access.

Access may seem simple but is not something given. In iYouth Lab researchers will be able to have first-hand information on research trends around the world. They will have the right engine to search for academic counterparts around the world, in order to see what they are up to and they will even be able to be up to date concerning open calls for projects published in iYouth Lab. This platform, because of its targeted audience, will be the center of attention for important research centers, which will be able to see whither research is heading, but also who might make a qualified candidate, based on his/her academic bio and projects, for a research they want to carry out.

Such an environment is vital for students around the world, not only because they will get the proper influence for a future that has innovation in its core, but also because there will be no boundaries –geographic, financial etc.- to keep them away from academic developments and contacts in global level. Youth deserves everything because it’s the foundation of the future. We are eager to give iYouth to our youth…they know what to do with it!

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