Web Summit, here we come!

We are one week away from one of the most important technology conferences in the world! Web Summit is going to be hosted in Lisbon this year and iYouth Lab team is glad to be part of this celebration.

How else would you call it, when people with similar interests and big dreams will find each other on a field of fruitful discussion, with influential professionals from around the world?

The Web Summit will take place from the 7th until 10th of November and those days will be full. Full of inspirational talks, exchange of ideas, meet ups, informative consultations and useful lessons learned by others who have been in our shoes a while ago.

The team of iYouth Lab is going to visit Lisbon first and foremost to learn from the best. Besides, what we have been advocating for, so far, is knowledge; knowledge available to everyone, interconnection of people with similar interests and a wide spectrum of collaborations. This is our vision; the vision we not only employ in iYouth Lab, but also in our entire entrepreneurial existence.

Our goal is to return from the Web Summit wiser in know-how, tips, information, experiences, connections and, above all, more rich in terms of how to transform innovative concepts into influential projects. From our side we are eager to “infect” people with our idea, to reflect with them on it and take it one step further!

Web Summit, here we come! May it be exciting for all of us!

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