Credit: Tiny Buddha

Spend 3 Minutes to Read This and Take your Life to the Next Stage

Superficially you have a great life — a degree from a good university, a job that pays you great, a family that loves you dearly — and yet something is missing.

Feels like your life that makes your parents proud has a tiny hole that bothers you and keeps you unhappy. That tiny hole may be “what next?” or “what am I doing with my life?” or anything.

You are unable to talk to someone about it is because nobody is going to listen to your “I am unhappy” story while everything in your life seems to be great according to them.

So you choose the alternative and take things in your own hands to help yourself. You watch tons of videos and read books after books that promise to get you out your misery, but you end up to a point where nothing works out.

If you are at that point and reading this: Firstly, you are not alone. Secondly, you have realized why the promised self-help formulas from great gurus have no effect on you. And that is the whole intention of this article.

Have you ever taken some time to sit and watch how your life goes every day? If you did you can see a vague pattern to your life.

A pattern that we created for ourselves with years of strong foundation. Unless we realize that pattern and break it, even Stephen Covey (if he is still alive) cant help us if he sits with us every day to develop our life personally.

But what is this “pattern”?

Let me explain how our mind works and how our life gets molded into a “pattern”.

We usually repeat a pattern in our lives. A pattern that defines our days and mindset. Have you noticed people passionately talk about how they want to do something in life that will make a difference? How they want to write a book or startup a company. But when asked, “when are you planning to start?” it ends up with the usual replies, which goes like (with a big gasp) “I don’t know man, I am handling this big project for my office. Can’t really think of something else right now” or “I am married and have kids now. It’s hard to get time to think beyond them.” or my favorite, “I am too old for this I guess. Don’t you think?”

We have all been there and said those reasons with a little guilt behind our face.

We all have the desire to do something great with our lives, but when we think of actually getting to start working on it — the pattern hits us. And the reasons that we give are actually the reflection of our life’s pattern.

So how are we creating these patterns for ourselves?

The pattern is maybe because of our past life, current life, society, family, our work, studies, or even sleep cycle. It can be anything. But it feeds our mind and creates a rule that our body starts to follow rather strictly. And the moment we seriously think of getting out of it, the alarm hits our brain and that’s when we feel the fear or anxiety.

So how to get out of this pattern?

“Understanding of life begins with the understanding of patterns.” — Fritjof Capra

Have you watched Bill Murray’s movie “Groundhog Day”? Where the protagonist lives the same day over and over again. Funnily (or maybe not), the storyline of the movie is kind of similar to what I am saying here.

In the movie, the protagonist, Phil, fixes everything only after he accepts and understands the circle that he lived in. Its pretty much what we have to do.

The first step of any change is to accept our current state and give time to understand it. You don’t have to rush with your life. Take a step back and try to figure out the pattern you live in.

Take a step back, pause, accept, understand the pattern, and then try to solve the question.

The trick is that we usually follow a pattern because, for us, the next step of our life should always approve our previous step.