The challenging experience i had to face during my growth in learning programming.

I started learning programming about a year ago and initially it was overwhelming and looked so difficult. I had some few video tutorials on projects built in JavaScript that I got from a friend. I watched and followed along. Along the line after watching this videos over and over again I noticed I haven’t learnt much and didn’t understand what was really going on at the background i.e. what each code was actually doing and why they were written the way they were. After several months I realized my growth was slow and I had to change my learning approach.

The first thing I did was to go back and learn the fundamentals of programming but because I had limited resources it was really a difficult learning process for me. I remember how it took days for me to find a solution to a certain problem not because those problems where difficult to solve rather because I did not have available resources as I should. What I did was to write down my problems in a jotter and wait for the day I will get access to the internet and look for solutions to my problems. Learning the fundamental was a slow process also but for once I could say to myself I had actually learnt something and I now understood what was actually happening in the video tutorials I had watched earlier. Things got better for me along the line as I had more access to go online and search for solutions in other to solve problems i couldn’t comprehend. I could stay up for days reading and practicing in other to get better in this space, felt like I had wasted much time and needed to make up for it.

After practicing a lot on the fundamental skills of programming, I decided to make an application and the application I made was a gym management system. I discovered there was more to just understanding the fundamentals, that one will need to understand how the stack all works together i.e. from the front-end to the back-end, the routes and API and the Database. I faced new challenges each day as I learnt the stack but at the long run through the frustrations, research and consistency I was able to finish the application.

I can say for a fact that programming is no “Rocket Science”, it can be learnt, and all one needs is passion, dedication and consistency.