in honor of Isam

Picture of Omar, a young Saharaui living in Smara refugee camp. By author

Among news of military operations

defense and strategy

on the part of nations

Amidst a conscience void of guilt

or respect

for the peaceful resistance that his parents built,

On the way to Tanger

another Saharaui brother, a young student, was killed

Isam Alwusifi

we’ll say your name

And even as we despair

our wounded hopes will ask again:

Why do brothers continue to be murdered,

and sisters continue to be raped?

Why are children’s smiles

with hunger erased?

Internal bleeding from a shot at your head

that’s what the news said

And they left your heart out to cry

in your blood stained hospital bed

Neglect would be your treatment, it was agreed

Moroccan doctors chose not to care,

when a Saharaui’s heart

took its last beat

Isam Alwusfi

before your life was taken

you had political science dreams

For you the fight will carry on

for you

and all who did not live to see

from Cape Blanc to Layoune

A Western Sahara again free

Isam you had

political science dreams

but your life was taken

by the politics of intolerance

and the inexplicable horrors

of brutal regimes