In the beginning was the Code…

And the Code waint exactly half bad either *wide grin* Yasssssss!

I wrote my very first line of Code today, 2 hours later I came up with this

First Lines of Code — 15/ 08/ 2017

Which came out looking like this … I know right? Magic!!!

My Very First Website, Exciting stuff!! Yayyy!!

My Trainers say I caught on quite fast, which was quite surprising, because I was mostly worried I’d flop at it, It can only get better from here onwards.

And oh, I got an assignment —

first Coding assignment

Soon, I will be calling on you to send me all our website jobs and shi’, Oh my God! that is so cool. Soon I will be adding #WomenWhoCode or is it #GirlswhoCode and all that regular jazz to my social media posts. And developers won’t be able to take me for a ride no more. Yes Jesus!

Just Wondering though, how many more lines of code do I need to write before I add developer / Coder to my profile? Lol.

This phase really is awesome, can’t believe how so much is happening in so little time, Keep up people, we are getting to the main gist. see y’all tomorrow, I have assignments to finish up on, for now- e go be!!

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