10 reasons why you need to hike at Hong Kong’s Sai Kung Range

As a rich geological site in Hong Kong, Sai Kung is like.. PARADISE!

Violent volcanic eruptions occurred in Sai Kung 140 million years ago. Thus, you can be assured that Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region has so much to offer.

For the Maclehose Trail at Sai Kung, I only managed to visit the Sai Wan Beach and hike the journey to the beach.

Here’s how the hike at Hong Kong’s Sai Kung will amaze you:

1. Beautiful sceneries of nature you only thought was possible in postcards.

It all seems so surreal but I swear the waters were as blue as shown in the picture just like my hike in Thailand.

2.The whole landscape was one of absolute calmness.

There was nary any soul down there and I could picture goats and cows grazing on the soft grass that laid beneath. I honestly wish I could do a Hollywood inspired jump and land onto one of these landforms and spend the rest of my life there in solitude and taking in the entire scenery. Plus, the fact that the hike didn’t really have many hikers helped!

3.”Aren’t they just rocks?! “

Never understood how my Geography Teachers could love sedimentary rocks so much until today.

Yes, the sedimentary deposits here will amaze you, so much so that schools do conduct overseas geography field trip to Sai Kung.

Yes, here’s the same sedimentary rocks you read about in the books but never really understood their formation and how they look like.

4. Nature at its best. Try spotting some animals around.

There were 2 things to be grateful for : 1. The garden snake(in the drain) was small. 2. It was in the drain duh so it probably won’t attack me.

5. The chance to feel on top of the world.

Yes, this is how being “on cloud nine” feels like. A great bonus other than the sense of achievement after conquering a hike especially in the summer in a foreign land, all by yourself.

6. Making new friends in a foreign land.

I mean that’s what travelling is all about right?

I got to befriend these Hong Kong friends. All of them were of the same age as I was and the girl closest to me in the picture is also, coincidentally, named Cindy HAHA. She had offered to help me take my photos and asked me if I would like to join them to hike back to the Pavilion to catch the minibus back to the city.

Sad thing was, we didn’t manage to catch the mini bus but along the way we had a nice time talking about the University courses we were taking and I came to 2 conclusions about their life here in HK:

  1. They all found the cost of living too expensive and confessed that most Hong Kongers do not actually explore their homeland and visit such geographical sites.

2. They still love HK despite the high cost of living and the unfriendly people because..this is home :)

7. Now you don’t have to travel half the world and spend twice the amount to fulfill your wanderlust.

Pretty sure you won’t have thought HK can offer such a European style worthy view! Talk about a quick getaway.. Make sure to put this on your to-do-list when you hit Hong Kong in the holidays!

8. You don’t need to be a Johnny Depp to have an entire island to yourself.

An entire beach to myself..The absence of any crowd while on a holiday was a welcomed bonus.

9. Here’s the next film set for all Star Wars fans out there.

Don’t you think so?

Just picture the storm troopers marching along this dessert-like ground on the way to catch Han Solo who has yet again managed to escape from the Empire.

10. The V-Shaped Valleys. So how the hell do they look like?

Couldn’t quite imagine the “V”shaped valleys till today. Yes, they are really ‘V shaped’.

Getting to the starting point of the Hike:

1.From the MTR at Diamond Hill Station Exit C2, take bus 92 to Sai Kung Town.

2. Then take a taxi to Sai Wan Pavilion (it costs around HK 40 dollars which is about 7.2 dollars in SGD so do make sure you share the cab with someone.) Alternately, I heard there is a minibus from Sai Kung Town to the pavilion. It’s a cheaper option but the mini bus from the pavilion to Sai Kung Town stops operating by 4pm. Unscrupulous taxi drivers will try to rip you off and charge you about 100 HKD Dollars or more PER HEAD when you get a cab at the Pavilion so you either call for a cab in advance or pray that a cab arrives at the pavilion to drop off a pavilion. I spoke to my cab driver and he told me there were quite a few cabs dropping of passengers especially during the weekends.

Essential tips:

1. Stock up on your water and food supplies. You won’t want to spend your trip complaining about how hungry/thirsty you are.

2. Bring an umbrellas/caps to shield yourself from the sun because well, who wants to look like a lobster after the hike?

3. The signage at the area are pretty good and helpful compared to the ones at Dragon’s Back so I feel that a predownloaded map is not necessary.

4. The hike from the Pavilion to the Beach takes about an hour and the ride from the MTR to Sai Kung Town takes about 45 minutes.

5. Also, do expect a very long waiting time of up to half an hour on weekdays for the bus 92 back to the MTR at the bus terminus at Sai Kung Town. The other bus, bus 98 if I am not wrong, operates only on the weekend.

Overall, I feel that it is an easier hike compared to Dragon’s Back because of the clear signage around, the greater number of man-made routes which made hiking so much easier so I will rate it at difficulty level of 3/10. Plus, the amazing scenery offered throughout the trail is a BONUS. This is one thing you cannot miss when you’re in Hong Kong! Do give the hike a try and let me know how it goes in the comments section below!

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