The not-so-secretive life of the animals at the Singapore Zoo

For those who think the zoo’s boring and the animals are always ignoring you.

Angry because the Giant Tortoise was ignoring him.

Recall the days when you first stepped into the Zoo with your family? Boy, I remembered how the Zoo used to fascinate me as a young girl. I got all wide-eyed and excited yet, as a young child, I never realize how beautiful those moments with my family was.

I got very interested in alligators and crocodiles in the aftermath of the spate of the crocodile-human incidents in Florida, the world’s largest density of these creatures. It’s fascinating how the humans of Florida have learnt to cope with the presence of these creatures in their backyard.

“But I’m just a giant fish”.

With a massive bite force of up to 16,460 newtons of bite pressure, little wonders why this creature’s feared by all, loved by none.

Observing you so not suspiciously.

We probably first got to learn of this giant, gentle creature as we grew up drinking Abbot Grow Milk.

This fellow sure learns to swing it like Tarzan. As the world’s first free ranging area here at the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the orang utans sure can shake it off way better than a certain musician..

Ever motherly, ever majestic.

It’s fascinating how we’re so similar to the monkeys, the species closest to us till..evolution happen. Chimpanzees are social creatures just like humans. They are highly intelligent too so the zoo always has a series of activities in the cage to engage them because yes, they do get bored.

Always wondered what goes on their head when they seem to stare at nowhere in particular.

First one gets the bacon.

This is how beingon top of the world feels like.

Time for an afternoon nap because the weather is unbearably hot. The Asian Clawed Otters are the smallest otters in the world and one of the most common species here in Singapore. They are most active in the morning and at dusk.

Was wondering why this creature together with his other pals suddenly came closer to where the zoo visitors were till I realized the zoo-keeper was standing nearby with the fish for the day!

Otters are social creatures. They absolutely love playing and spending time with each other. And they happen to be my favorite species.

Sentry duty is very important to this species, the Meerkat, because damn, the predators are always on the lookout for them. Oh and one sentry duty usually lasts an hour or so.

Snapping those precious moments on your first visit to the zoo.

Kids. They’re always fascinated by anything and everything. “Papa, why is he not moving? Is he dead? Omg papa..”

The giant tortoise is the species of tortoise that lives the longest. In fact, one particular tortoise has lived up to 255 years of age. Ain’t that amazing? Scientists have attributed this to the slow metabolism, the very healthy diet and even perhaps their tough exterior- the shell which helps them ward off unwanted predators.

This is my favorite shot. I felt really sad for this creature though. One of its hind legs is injured and when I checked out the enclosure again in the late evening, his other peers were noticeably missing and he was playing by himself.. Was wondering whether he was ostracised by them..

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