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1. On March 12 the State Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted the law on the digital rights

2.The head of SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) confirmed that Ethereum does not belong to securities

3. Roskomnadzor has blocked the (one of the most popular online crypto exchanges in Russia)

4. Ripple will invest $100 million in development of games on blockchain via the joint fund Ripple and the Forte blockchain platform

5. The daily trading volume of bitcoin has exceeded $11 billion for the first time since April of last year when it was trading at the price of $8,845

Hi everyone!
We launch a new format with a selection of the most interesting news of crypto world in

- The State Duma adopted amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation about the digital rights. Regulations on cryptocurrencies were excluded from the bill. It is said that their introduction to civil circulation is premature;

- The possible leader of a financial pyramid of OneCoin was arrested in the USA;

- The abnormal transactions are recorded on Binance exchange before the listing of trade pairs;

- The founder of TRON Justin Sang called the Binance Coin “a new…

DAO or a decentralized autonomous organizations are companies based on blockchain technology that do not have traditional owners and central governing bodies such as the board of directors, CEO, financial director or vice-presidents

There is no hierarchy at all. Perhaps these organizations will help us get rid of bad bosses once and for all? Myth or reality? Let´s talk about it

At the very beginning DAO is a combination of computer code, blockchain, smart contracts and people. The founders of DAO created the basic rules of management and thought through how this will work. DAO also has interested parties owning…

We wish to tell you about the smart contracts of the IZX platform. But first, we will tell you in brief about the concept of a smart contract

Smart contract is an electronic protocol, that was written using computer code. Its purpose is to transfer information and ensure the fulfillment of the terms of the contract by both parties

Smart contracts provide an opportunity to exchange money safely, shares, property and other assets directly, without the participation of intermediaries.

Smart contracts are based on blockchain technology. This is a distributed registry, which is a decentralized system that exists thanks to…

The project team has developed a platform and protocol for:

- tokenization of any promotional offers;
- placing discounts and special offers in games;
- monetization of games by independent developers;
- using cryptocurrencies in accessible way for a wide audience;
- creating unique marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, with zero budget and integration time.

The prototype of the platform has been tested by several companies from the tourism and catering business, the service sector and the financial sector, as well as blockchain industry. In the augmented reality players of the IZX application collected ERC-20 tokens of other crypto startups, that launched the ICO this fall. Among them are ICOBox, Goldmint and SMSChain.

Advertisers from different countries worldwide will connect to the IZX platform soon

Dear friends!

IZX team wish you Happy New 2019 Year! We wish you that in the New Year you will be accompanied by success in all fields: relations, game, work and investments

❄️From our side we will do everything possible to fill your life with bright emotions, interesting content and new gameplay

🎁And YES, for all our community we have prepared a New Year’s gift: set of stickers from IZX project. Wish to your friends Happy New Year in form of IZX sticker

Stickers are available via the link

🎉Celebrate the New Year playing and with passion!

Dear IZX community! 🎄
On behalf of the whole IZX team, let us wish you Merry Christmas! ☃

Thanks for being with us, your feedback and active role in our project’s life ❄️Stay tuned, play in the App and catch prizes 🎁

With Love,
IZX Team

⛔Today the web advertising market with is completelly under control of the monopolies, who enforce their content and price policies.

⛔Built-in intrusive Internet advertising does not appeal to its target audience, causing only frustration and so-called banner blindness

💡 What is the IZX solution?💡

1) We combined context advertising, mobile AR games and loyalty programs into the IZX decentralized platform;

2) We gamifiy the marketing🕹;

3) The advertiser places his own tokens in AR games on the IZX platform, while the players collect them to make an exchange for discounts and special offers;

4) Like collection games, but with actual purpose💰

Like loyalty programs, but flexible and much more exciting 🙌🏻

To learn more about our project, visit the website IZX.IO and subscribe for the Telegram Channel:

[Part 2]

In the first part, we talked about IZX cooperation with the token projects

It’s high time to learn more about the rest of the services and pump your business on our platform!

📌 IZX Drive service for offline and online businesses

The service allows offline business owners to increase the new customer flow by integrating their advertisements into the IZX augmented reality📲
This technique lets any owner of a smartphone or tablet with IZX application join the game and catch a company’s promotional token

🎁 Later he will be able to exchange a token for a gift, or…

Today we talk about our advertising service named IZX-Drive🔥

It is designed for both online and offline companies that are looking for an alternative to expensive and ineffective advertising

📌Today we’ll tell you more abou thet IZX-Drive service for token projects 🌝

The IZX project offers to establish a partnership with start-up enterprises at the crowdsale stage by placing their tokens in the augmented reality of the IZX application as a unique way of airdrop 📲

How does it work❓

- The partner transfers part of his tokens to the IZX team, then these tokens are placed in the AR all over the world! 🌏
- Players start hunting for…

IZX Project

Blog about blockchain plarform with elements of augmented and virtual reality ~

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