​How the Principle of “Mining on Foot” or “Proof of Walk” works in IZX?

📍 We decided to gave up ICO as a tool for raising funds and now use the traditional model of the development through equity investments instead. Nevertheless, IZX tokens as a fundamental unit of the developed platform, continues to exist ☝️

📍 The main 70% share of the IZX ERC-20 tokens will be exchanged (as a percentage, depending on the complexity of mining) for the IZX Drive tokens obtained by collecting them in the AR.

These IZX Drive tokens will be allocated in the game and be available for mining for a couple of years. After launching the platform, the advertiser can pay for the advertising campaign exclusively in IZX ERC-20 tokens, which he/she can buy from the holders of tokens on the exchange 🎩

📍 It is important to note that the complexity of IZX Drive tokens mining will be gradually increasing, depending on the number of miners-players on the platform 🔝

📍 Thus, the main idea of ​​this concept is that the project will become a self-regulated system with a two-token IZX model and mandatory increase of the token price while mining 👍

Miners are the IZX application users, who collect IZX Drive tokens and exchange them for IZX ERC-20 tokens, expand the project audience with the help of a referral program and raise the token value on the exchange 👍

To learn more about our project, visit the website IZX.IO and subscribe for the Telegram Channel: https://t.me/izx_channel