IZX statistics

We think everyone will be interested in IZX game statistics, which we decided to share with you.

pic. 1

Pic. 1 shows that 421k IZX tokens are scattered at the moment all around the world, of which 136k are collected and exchanged during advertising campaigns.

Here you can see a small part of prizes that were used in IZX game:

pic. 2

Statistics on the pic.3 shows that the most active months for collecting tokens, which is logical, are the warm months of the year — May, June. June is leading due to the increase in connected to our platform сompanies.


On the picture below you can see the ,ap of most active players for one random day (June 24, 2018)


Countries that play the most are Europe, Eastern Russia, Asian countries: Japan, Indonesia, Korea, South India, and also Brazil, United States.


This chart shows the dynamics of players every day. We can see that the peak of the players is ussually on weekends, and on normal working days, the number of players fluctuates around 1k.


The diagram above (pic.6) shows the dynamics of the registrations of players on our website. Players are registered usually at the end of the any advertising campaign in order to transfer their game tokens to crypto-ones.

Below is a list of the prizes currently available in the game:

Below is the total distance of all players passed for the day:


As we can see, on June 7, 2018, for example, 794 km was passed and 168 hours were spent in the game. The average speed on the same day was 4.73 km/h.

Also we have a map that marks the movement of players and if the player used the fake geolocation, his jumps on the map become too obvious, the system bans him and deprives of the opportunity to get his prize.

To sum up, we must say that it is quite entertaining and fascinating to explore the statisctics of such game as IZX. We see that players actively collect and invite friends via referral links and participate in the different campaigns, which indicates that the airdrops held on our platform are mutually beneficial both for ICO projects and for our players.

Do not miss your chance, join the game and make your cryptowallet bigger in a cheerful way!