Join the game. Bring your friends. Enjoy the summertime.

We talked a lot about the super features of the IZX game, each time emphasizing how it’s cool to catch tokens in an active way, feeling like a real hunter. When a player makes a real effort, tries, walks, looks for — the reward is felt more sweet and deserved.

Tokens are scattered randomly and sometimes they can be placed into hard-to-reach places. What to do in situations, when accessible tokens run out, and you want to get them, because there is very little time left before the end of the campaign? In such cases, our support team always advises players to invite their friends through a referral program that is available directly inside the application.

What is the IZX referral program and how it can be useful for you?

Where to find the referral program:
1) Open the game
2) Click on the yellow IZX Drive token in the upper right corner of the map 
3) In a new window, scroll down to “Campaigns” and click on “Invite a friend”
4) A referral link is generated and then you choose who to send it to
5) As soon as your friend downloads the application by your link and catches his first token in the game, you get 5 tokens on your game wallet!

This is a lifehack for those who are tired of active hunting and decided to collect tokens in passive way.

However, as practice shows, according to reviews of players, even after sending a referral link to a friend, friends go hunting together — to play together more fun, besides, with a new installation, new tokens appear on the map, which may appear in more accessible places than before. Experience shows that those who adapt to the game, is drawn into it so much that it can be difficult to stop and they become a “miners-on-the-go” in the regular mode.

Play: run, collect, rest using the referral system, run again, exchange for valuable prizes!