The beginning of our Asian tour

IZX has serious plans for South Korea and its audience. And now we are going to present you news from our first days in Korea.

We are happy to introduce our new Korean advisor David Hwang — a respectful person in the local crypto-community with a huge experience in blockchain technology. He created a new business area in IBM and Microsoft and developed the world’s first business development with e-commerce, IoT, Cloud, u-City, Pervasive, and Ubiquitous. Founded a blockchain research institute, conducted a survey for those who liked blockchain, and now he is developing blockchain technology, consulting the ICO projects and investing.

Also part of the IZX team is going to stay in Seoul in order to develop a community in South Korea till the conference in Jakarta in May. Our plans is to improve interaction with all interested members of the Korean crypto-community, to visit local meet-ups, because South Korea is one of the most active countries interested in blockchain technology for now.

We managed to hold a number of meetings with representatives of Korean exchanges and at the moment we are considering several offers at once.

IZX has also a new account in one more social network — now you can join us in KakaoTalk:

Thank you for being with us!

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