Welcome to the IZX platform!

Our gamified platform allows you to reach and engage thousands of users across the more than 50 countries in a simple and fun way!

Conventional advertising, predictable marketing, standard promotion channels are the past. Today you have to work hard to keep your target audience engaged.

Or, just make them engage with you through a game!

How does it work?

The only thing people like more than playing video games, is playing them while making a profit! That is the fundamental principle behind IZX. IZX has developed a fun Augmented Reality based game that allows users to collect tokens on the go using their phones.

After onboarding a new customer, our team creates an in-app token and works hand-in-hand with the business to identify an optimal distribution method for the token based on detailed geographical and user preferences.

The IZX platform gives its players an opportunity to earn bonuses, discounts or real cryptocurrency by collecting them at the users’ location. All the player has to do is download the IZX App and start playing. Tokens of the IZX Partners appear on the smartphone screen and players collect them as they go!

What are the benefits for our partners?

The IZX platform has been in testing for the last 10 months
and have identified few best-in-class use cases:

8 projects projects
150k airdrop tokens gathered

19 businesses
9k gift tokens gathered

How to quantify the IZX impact?

IZX is able to reach high-quality audience that understands gaming
and blockchain technology. Some data about our users:
- 54k downloads in 6 month
- 250 daily gaming man-hours
- 200 User base from over 50 countries
- 1,000 KM walked daily by our users using the app
- 25k MAU

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