​⁉ What advertising services can IZX offer ⁉

Today we talk about our advertising service named IZX-Drive🔥

It is designed for both online and offline companies that are looking for an alternative to expensive and ineffective advertising

📌Today we’ll tell you more abou thet IZX-Drive service for token projects 🌝

The IZX project offers to establish a partnership with start-up enterprises at the crowdsale stage by placing their tokens in the augmented reality of the IZX application as a unique way of airdrop 📲

How does it work❓

- The partner transfers part of his tokens to the IZX team, then these tokens are placed in the AR all over the world! 🌏
- Players start hunting for them using their mobile devices, and after they catch a token, they see a description of the product, the ways of using it, and exclusive offers in their account ⚡💰

Thus, we not only help startups to develop, but also make our users happier🎈

Stay with us and wait for the rest of the story 🌈
In the second part you will learn about the cooperation of IZX with ofline and online businesses

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