This is a story of a journey, an unusual at that. Well not as unusal as you think. Then, why this blog? not quite sure. Maybe, cause my Facebook page(#Cyclingacrossindia) is lot more cluttered and I want to keep the best of the memories from this journey separated from my daily logs. One cannot have an adventure everyday, how would that be an adventure? Right?

Oh by the way, you must be curious about what exactly I did that’s worth writing about. I cycled all over india for 12 months, covering 23000kms and 24 states. And then started walking in the Himalayas, for no apparent reason other than that, I could. So far I’ve walked over 1400kms from the Muslim dominated Kashmir valley, thru the Buddhist valley’s of Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul & Spiti and finally now at Kullu valley.

There seems to be no plan to my wanderings, which is how exactly it is. I just turn towards any road that catches my fancy and then the adventure begins. Over these past 500 days, I’ve tasted epic adventures, well epic at least to a shy reclusive guy from a small town. This is an attempt to gather the most memorable moments at one place.

And also dispense the collective gyaan that I’ve accumulated over the many days. Well it’s called experience, but people keep thinking that there is something more to it.

Oh and there are plenty of pretty pictures to post. ☺