Uelco.co landing page explaining what are the benefits and features of the app

Uelco — onboard new hires like a boss

Onboarding new employees is rarely done right. Most of the time everybody on the team is super busy, and you can’t really blame your colleagues for doing their job. On the other hand, nothing is more discouraging than a poor onboarding experience. The frustration of the first days rolls over to the next days and months impacting overall satisfaction in a new role, and satisfaction directly affects productivity. Even worse, it affects a new hire’s decision to stay or to go. Let’s take a look at the dry numbers:

31% of people have quit a job within the first 6 months

Companies spend a lot of time and effort to bring in new talent, yet retaining is constantly overlooked. Do you want to start off on the right foot?

Design problem

As soon as I embarked on a new opportunity recently, I immediately understood what was my biggest problem: onboarding. Overwhelming, hasty, lacking information I needed, and at the same time there was tons of information I didn’t need in the first place.

My first week at work was like diving into outer space — slowly drifting in all directions simultaneously.


So there should have been a solution. Indeed, there are plenty of HR systems in the market and they are pretty good at solving problems for HR, but not really making new employees’ life any easier. Existing HR solutions are flooded with terms and abbreviations, they are massive and complicated as a jet plane dashboard, and do not speak the new hire language.

Existing HR apps are designed for HR, not new hires

Based on my own and my coworkers’ experiences, finding points of contact is the major hassle: “who to ask?” is what new hires look for. Armed with this information, I saw a design opportunity and quickly drafted a simple app, which can help a new hire to get to know their team and the company before even they start their new gig. All they need is just to follow the link they are emailed by a team member or an HR specialist.

The gist

Once a new hire gets a link, they just click it and immediately get in their new team’s space. Then they are free to explore the content: information about the company presented in a friendly way (like Fun Facts or Events), names and headshots of team members, their interests, location of their desks, areas of expertise and more. Additionally, there is a to-do list of what a new hire needs to know in the first place: points of contact, location of the office facilities and places to eat.

The app is designed mobile first, so that a new hire could access information from their smartphone easily, on the go.

User testing

User testing proved the concept was viable: the users understood the idea instantly and became excited to see the real app in action. A lot of implemented functionality and interactivity derived from the user testing sessions: improving navigation; adding icon labels for a clearer understanding of what a certain icon stands for; adding a to-do list for a step-by-step guidance. Many more improvements are to be implemented in the nearest future as well.


Evolution of the app’s look from a paper sketch to a fully functional prototype

In conclusion

Although there is a lot of work to make it happen, I am very inspired by the feedback I have so far. I even have registered a domain and asked my friend to set up a landing page for the app.

You are welcome to subscribe for early access to the app and to get updates on the progress!


I truly believe in building products which solve a problem for at least one person: you. As long as you see a problem which could be solved with an app, go for it.