This article covers the basic vision of the new DeFi tool on Waves Protocol. I will explain the role of AMM exchanges and clarify how Puzzle Swap fits in with its features and growth strategy.

Puzzle Swap is a next generation AMM exchange enabling mega pools which will bring new…

As an April Fools’ Day joke, Certificado team launched a new Telegram bot that allows to issue fake certificates in one click. Use it in your chats to prank your friends!

Today market faces a huge problem: it’s extremely easy to falsify any type of certificate by creating a fake…

Decentralized governance

The Waves DAO is a dApp developed on the Waves blockchain and used as a decision making tool by the Waves Association, which sets up development directions for the entire ecosystem and makes strategic decisions on the Waves, Gravity and Neutrino protocols, as well as other products.

When the association…

Vladimir Zhuravlev

Waves Association 🏄 Telegram: @vlzhr

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