Breathe! Just breathe fine!

Don’t feel like going ahead?
Breathe! Just breathe fine!
Think and explain what it is?
What it is to you?
Why it is that devine?
Why the thought still pushes?
Why it is still buzzing?
Don’t sit and let it buzz!
Be the fire to buzzing fireflies
Why not burn while roaming?
Why not to glow with unique you?
Life is full of other colours,
some matt some shimmery,
Why not to be the new neon hue?
To sit, to just think is bygone
Let’s be superman from krypton
Why to sit? Why be misery to one self?
When striving, trying is the only luck 
you ever had, you ever got!
Let’s not cease, let’s run!
Run like it’s chase to new self.
Being better is the only you.
Be only you, new with your hues.
Breathe! You are infinite
Breathe! You are immaculate, 
You are more with every strife
Move, moving is life.
Smile my dear; 
Smile your he-art is kind 
Continue what you believe
though in other’s eye it is crime
Don’t expect to be an ordinary movie,
when in reality you are different
an impeccable mime!
Do something!
Now is the time!
Don’t feel like going ahead?
Breathe! Just breathe fine