First of all: NFT (a non-fungible token) is a type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable. This contrasts with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.

The Oort Digital allows users to create loan through crypto collateral and provides Dai, a decentralized stable coin pegged to USD.

Oort Digital is a one stop where You can store, send, borrow, lease, trade, pay, mine, and game with your NFTs in a new and joyful way. It will make the whole gameplay much richer and more interesting.

Nowadays different platforms allow only to put an offer via a third party services and wait on a bid order from the other users. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. It shows that NFTs is not tradable like a classic cryptocurrencies.

On Oort Digital users will be able to swap NFT tokens without waiting on bidding from buyers. It solves the liquidity problem in terms of NFTs tokens.

What’s more: with lending and borrowing options you can have a passive income!

Isn’t that amazing?!

The Oort Digital is also the first crypto project focused on a GameFi ecosystem. It offers powerful features and big variety of ways to play with NFTs.

The Oort Digital wants to cooperate with other NFT projects to utilize a system. Users will manage all of them from only one account. It will save people’s time and accelerates the adoption of NFT in general. What a great idea!

Currently the user’s experience with decentralized applications is not very intuitive.

The Oort Digital is aiming to create a seamless user interface to get mass adoption of NFTs.

Doesn’t it look that the Oort Digital presents itself absolutely amazing?

Only until now more than 3.72k people have joined their community and the amount of them is increasing.

Stay tuned and follow their social media!







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