Food around Houston

Various restaurants that I’ve explored around Houston. Going to be updated throughout 2017.

Sweet Paris — Rice Boulevard

Sweet Paris- Looking for Crepes in Houston? Visit Sweet Paris for a wide selection of dessert and dinner crepes.

Bite Macarons — Buffalo Speedway

Bite Macarons- Continuing on with sweets, give Bite Macarons a try. With about a dozen flavors to try, you’ll certainly find something sweet to enjoy.

Common Bond Cafe and Bakery — Westheimer

Common Bond Cafe and Bakery- To any of you coffee drinking, sweet eating person looking for a nice place to go on a date, check out this place. Common Bond offers a wide selection of cupcakes, cakes and coffee.

EQ Heights — Heights Boulevard

EQ Heights- If you like brunch, you know the thing in between breakfast and lunch, try out EQ and have a nice glass of wine at 11 A.M. while enjoying a sandwich; perfect spot for dates.

Jinya Ramen Bar — Midtown

JINYA- If you haven’t already, make your way to midtown Houston and try out ramen from JINYA. There are quite a few different styles, so I’m sure you’ll find something that you enjoy.

Waza Japanese Cuisine — FM 1960

Waza- Sushi. Sushi. Sushi. So. Many. Different. Types. Of. Sushi. If you’re into sushi, you have to check out Waza. They have a huge selection.

Soma Sushi — Washington Avenue

Soma Sushi- One of my favorite ramen spots in Houston. Despite being a little pricer than JINYA, and some of the other spots in Houston, Soma’s food is incredible.

Crave Sushi — Travis Street

Crave Sushi- Located in midtown Houston, Crave offers sushi at a decent price and a welcoming staff. What I enjoyed most about Crave is the fact that it wasn’t too busy and didn’t have too many people. Many of the restaurants in midtown are usually packed, so it was refreshing to have a quiet place to eat.

Tiny Boxwoods — West Alabama

Tiny Boxwoods- If you’re in the mood for an upscale spot to have brunch at, check them out. The food is delicious, the aesthetic of the location is nice and the staff is wonderful. Tiny Boxwoods serve anything from burgers to salmon.

Lucy — Southwest Freeway

Lucy- Looking to try something different? Stop by Lucy to check out their Ethiopian meals. Despite only going once, I was pleased by the staff and food that I tried; can’t wait to go back.

Razzoo’s — Louetta Road

Razzoo’s- SO MUCH CAJUN FOOD. If you’re looking for great cajun food at a decent price, you should visit Razzoo’s. If you’re 21+, they have a wide selection of great tasting margarita’s and a mixed punch served out of a fish bowl.

Oporto Fooding House — Gray Street

Oporto Fooding House and Wine- Having only been once, Oporto is already one of my favorite food locations in midtown Houston. They serve Portugese. Pictured above is the Lamb Ribs Mediterraneo; if you go, ORDER IT. Their lamb ribs are incredible.

More restaurants will be added throughout 2017.

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