Prompt #1
Janice Pang

DESIGN PRODUCT: Graph paper composition notebook

  1. This product successfully employs the function complex. It employs “method” successfully because it efficiently and effectively utilizes the most practical materials optimally to create a useful notebook. It does not have metal, sandpaper, or rubber sheets but instead has paper sheets to be cheap and useful.
  2. This product employs “use” in that it simply does what it was made to do. It is a device that keeps anything written or drawn in it together in a bound book. Because it has grid instead of the usual college or wide rules, it has a more specified use. It provides more precise guidelines for more specialized uses, such as for designing, doing mathematics, or sketching.
  3. This notebook utilizes “need” fairly well. It satisfies wants and desires but also keeps in mind genuine needs. This notebook satisfies the desire to just have a notebook that looks aesthetically pleasing, because of it’s bright green cover and simple grid design on the front and back covers. It also keeps in mind an actual need for a user. People who need graph paper notebooks are those who need more precise guidelines to allow for neater sketches, designs, or scientific/mathematical diagrams or equations.
  4. This employs “telesis” because it fits in with the demographics that will live in the area that this notebook will be utilized in. This notebook is meant to serve those who will want something for school or at least to write or draw in. It seems safe to assume it is meant for Americans to use in America because it was designed to be in a composition notebook format, which I’ve grown up to believe is typical to use in American schools, unlike for other cultures where they may have different needs or desires to fit their writing or drawing practices.
  5. This notebook employs “association” well because it seems to have been designed with students in mind. Because of its bright green color and the fact it is in a composition notebook format, and not a typical 8.5 x 11 in. notebook, it seems to have been designed for students that typically are attracted to fun colors or compositions notebooks. It keeps in mind that most people are conditioned to associate bright colors with younger people and composition notebooks to students, especially those in elementary or middle school.
  6. Finally, it employs “aesthetics” because it has a simple yet fun design to make me pleased and excited to want to write in it. Thus, it encourages writing, sketching, or filling the pages with my creations.
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