I’m Sitting For You…

Attendance at my sitting group has been low since the middle of summer. The last two weeks, I had only one person come. It’s easy for me to feel disappointed and/or discouraged. “After all, it is in the middle of a weekday and everybody is busy. It was just a bad idea!” No, I’m not thinking about discontinuing it because too many times someone showed up and told me this was in their calendar every week. It took weeks or months for them to make it, and it may be another months for them to come back. Also many people have written back to me telling me they wish they could come but their schedule wouldn’t allow. I get it. Honestly, it is hard for me, too. But someone seems to make her way every week and thank me for having the space. Whoever shows up, I am very grateful to share the silence with.
 I remembered the story about Gandhi how he took one day every week to sit in silence throughout the tumultuous time in India even when his leadership was in demand on that particular day. It was important for him to have the time away from the chaos so he can stay in touch with the wisdom. 
 While I’m just one humble practitioner of mindful meditation, I just want you to know I’m sitting for all of you every Friday at noon regardless of the attendance. I must say, though, it would be really great if some more people could come because we do support each other’s silence when we sit together. If you can’t make it, please forward my email to anyone (well, any women), who may be interested or curious about meditation. You don’t have to be a meditator. In fact, I would love to have more non-practitioner to experience it.