Weathering the Storms…

I have a few friends who have families and friends in Florida as I’m sure many of us do. As of today, people I reached out to reported their peeps are safe although they may have experienced damage of various degrees. And I hear of other natural disasters around the world where many lives were lost and devastating damages are caused. It seems that the magnitude of natural disasters is intensifying at alarming rate in recent years. I am convinced we, as human species, are substantially responsible for the climate change, and each one of us can do something to help heal this earth.

What I want to remember in times like this is that humans are resilient by evolutionary design. We’ve survived many catastrophes over thousands of years and became who we are. I always feel quite humbled when I hear stories of survivals; from war, natural disaster, illness, and extremely difficult personal circumstances. I’m also aware that there are many who don’t make it through. While I think there’s no simple factor that determines our fate in adversities, cultivating our inner strength and ability to navigate our difficulties would probably be helpful, don’t you think?

My kitty’s death in February certainly brought a storm in my life, and seven months later I can see how managed to weather it although I got tumbled around a bit. Even in the midst of emotional chaos, there was a sense of knowing that I would be O.K. if not stronger when it was over. So I am sending my prayers to all the people who were affected not only by Harvey and Irma but also the earthquakes, monsoons and many other natural or human-caused adversities.

May all beings be safe and protected and find peace.

My sitting group is meeting every Friday at noon. Yes, I know it’s in the middle of the day! And that’s exactly the point.

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