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Imagine having a dream. Now imagine getting to stand before your government to tell them what your dream is about. You leave your soul on the story you tell them and they start feeling it with you. They are convinced and agree to fund your enterprise. Fast forward to some years after that moment, when you can have a bit of perspective to evaluate the whole thing. You changed the world. Entirely. That must feel good.

Too bad my good friend Chris Columbus can’t comment on his results. He’s being erased. So I’ll take on a small defense of his legacy. …

People dear to me have endured a lot just to have the privilege of living in this country. They are survivors, not just of a dangerous journey to come but of the cruelty of their own countries’ governments who pushed so hard as to uproot them.

Being uprooted is not the worst, if you choose to, as I did. I don’t want to imagine being forced to flee from war or terrorism, or Socialism. I left a place that was being consumed but is still there.

The experience of moving to a different country has ups and downs but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought it better. …

My wife and I finished packing our bags and put our beautiful apartment in Quito, Ecuador up for rent in September of 2016. We bubble-wrapped a few items to remind us that we could build a home wherever we wanted, finished our dog’s health papers and travel arrangements and camped at my mother’s until boarding our flights in November.

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Miami story

By New Year’s Day 2017 we were settled with our son and our dog in a little one bedroom in South Beach, 50 yards from Lincoln Road, 5 blocks from the beach and terrified about our savings running out before we found jobs in our new country. …

Building beautiful cities, one storefront at a time. #Localist.

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