Doctor Sleep (Mike Flanagan, 2019)

I never see myself as an angry person because I’ve spent my entire life running away from my father’s anger. However, lately I feel that maybe, perhaps in some way, in an absurd manner; I am perpetually angry after all. In its most subdued, dormant form, my anger manifests itself…

The Virgin Suicides (Sofia Coppola, 1999)

Sundays remind me of mornings spent sitting in front of the tv, drowsy and half awake, stealing bites of cookies in between commercial breaks.

Sundays meant going back and forth into my room finding excuses to stretch the noon. Occasionally stumbling upon old drawings toys knick knacks hiding in every…

Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy, 2014)

People say that 23 is when you reach your prime; this is your peak. I for one would like to disagree to such preposterous claim.

I should be breathing a huge sigh of relief upon knowing that I finally completed school. All those four years of so-called tertiary education ended…

Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch, 2013)

This is a little something I’d like to document, just so I can look back one day and read how utterly pathetic my life was in the year 2018.

A list of songs I listen on a heavy rotation, that have accompanied me while I sob uglily in the grimy…

Beach Rats (Eliza Hittman, 2017)

I can get very loud and brash at times, although moments when I am quiet and reserved aren’t that rare too. So it can be a rather confusing task if you were to assign me in a compartment of sorts. Am I an unapologetically outgoing person? Maybe I’m just a…

Izzat Haziq

24 — borneo

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