Just do it. Seriously.

Create something new today.

I asked a friend the other day. Asked him for tips on creating good choreography.

He asked me how I create mine. Do I freestyle to the song, and then attempt to remember it? Or do I lay down some steps first and then try to fit that into the song.

I said I do the latter. He asked me why.

“I want to show audiences the moves that match the sounds best,” I said.

In the end, he said it didn’t matter.

What matters is that I go out and create something.

Set a deadline, and then work at it.

Not everything you create will be your best work, but you just have to do it.

Two failed attempts are better than no tries at all.

I believe that his advice to be true for all other creative pursuits, not just in dance.

Got an idea for a novel in your head? Write it down. Been dying to write poetry, but not sure if you have a gift for it? Just do it. Got a story to tell the world? Record that video.

It might not be your best work. Most of the time, you won’t be satisfied with it. But it’s okay.

It’s perfectly okay.

You’ll only get better.

This is my first post on Medium, and I hope there will be many more. I’d be immensely grateful for kind feedback to improve my writing, and also please do recommend this if you liked it, it would help me a lot.

Have a nice day!

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