K & A — Welcome Home America

There is a very notorious intersection in Philadelphia that nobody wants you to know about. It is a disgrace and a shame on the City of Philadelphia and a disgrace and a shame on America. These Americans who assemble around the corner of K & A exist in worse conditions than any of the oppressed citizens of North Korea or Communist Cuba have ever imagined. Think of Haiti but with a bitter cold winter. Kensington & Allegheny is basically an urban landfill but instead of attracting flocks of seagulls it is populated flocks of with addicts and various merchants and therapists who make a living off of trading with and treating addicts. Addict is the polite word. The local residents refer to them as Zombies.

The people who congregate at K & A don’t post on Medium and the people who post on Medium don’t go near K & A. The best similarity would be some kind of city like Lagos, Nigeria or Mogadishu, Somalia where the social structure has totally disintegrated and desperation and lawlessness pervade. The state department should issue a travel advisory about Philadelphia but that would be politically untenable. The main difference between North Philly and those remote ____holes is that the folks at K & A are mainly white. Just like Mogadishu though, at K & A there are no littering laws, no motor vehicle laws and no loitering laws. The streets are full of young men with scraps of cardboard declaring their hunger. People have set up permanent sidewalk campgrounds on the shady side of the one remaining banks which is apparently powerless to evict them. Most banks and stores have abandoned the area but also have left behind their big stone fortresses to be repurposed as Laundromats, clinics and storage facilities.

Huge empty Catholic Cathedrals anchoring Allegheny Avenue are fenced off from intruders while storefront churches popup like mushrooms. The financial system in Zombieland consists of outdoor ATMs that dispense government benefits and Western Union stores that dispatch money to “Todos los partes del mundo.” Used appliances line the streets, counterfeit handbags hang on fences, bootleg DVDs sit spread out on folding tables while the vendors park their vans nearby. Food, such as it is, is mainly dispensed by “Chinese Stores” where the cooks and clerks work behind ¾ inch plexiglass.

A typical Medium author would probably explain how this came to be in 2018 and why we need to change certain national policies to fix it. The problem is that six writers would give you six causes and each would ignore the other five. I will rather zoom through all the theories in one quick rundown. Pick the one that fits your politics.

1) Post Industrial Apocalypse Theory.

A. Strongest Narrative- K & A is in a section of the city that easily has 150 closed factories and exactly -0- operating factories. This is the hollowed out carcass of the former industrial powerhouse that was Philadelphia in the 1950s.

B. Caveat- Jobs everywhere go begging while these people spend their lives begging.

2) Rust Belt Economy Theory.

A. Strongest Narrative — — The Wall Street capital has left the Northeast and has been reinvested in employer friendly cities in the South and west. The Northeast committed economic suicide with its unionism, high cost of living and ubiquitous corruption. Philadelphians have no one to blame but themselves. They are lazy, corrupt and spoiled.

B. Caveat. The gross economic product of Philadelphia is still much larger than Houston, Phoenix and Atlanta combined.

3) . Trump did it theory.

A. Strongest Narrative — Under this theory it is all about the “cuts” in social welfare, healthcare and housing that resulted in this disaster visited upon the most vulnerable among us.These people are addicted and cannot work anywhere.. They need a myriad of social service programs get themselves back on track.

B. Caveat. The street is already lined with outreach programs of all descriptions. Most are geared toward extracting money out of the Social Security Administration for the benefit of the operator’s bank accounts. The clients themselves are a bottomless well of needs and are inherently selfish individuals who will do nothing to help another person or even to help themselves. They would wait for the government to tie their Nikes in the morning if we were to start such a program.

4) Eighty-five years of Social welfare has left us in this mess theory.

A. Strongest Narrative. Philadelphia has one political party, the Democrats. Hillary got 90% of the vote in Philly. The Democrats have a free hand to run the city in the manner their sensibilities tell them to run it. They have been in control for nearly one hundred years and this is what they have created. These individuals are not starving. Everything they require, except the “high” they crave, is paid for by the taxpayers. They are doing what they want to do because there is absolutely no need to work as long as the government feeds them and bails them out of every difficulty in their lives.

B. Caveat. Social welfare has cured other problems in this country when we have been patient enough to allow it to work. This too is a temporary condition.

5) We are losing the war on drugs theory.

A. Strongest Narrative. If the illegal drugs were effectively stopped at the Mexican border, then these people would have no choice except to get sober, take a bath and find a job.

B. Caveat. People who crave drugs are treating their pain. We can’t expect the drugs to go away until the pain is alleviated.

6. Blade Runner Theory.

A. Narrative. Nobody gives a damn about these people or how much crime and trash they generate. They are the alien underclass who came from out of town anyway. The policy is to contain them in their area and swoop down and pluck one of them out of the morass when he crosses the line. Look at the police car parked on the sidewalk with the dark tinted windows rolled up tight and the air conditioning on blast. The cops rule the occupied areas from towers and observation points. They don’t mix with these people and they don’t talk to them. They wait for an order from CentComm to bring one in and they yank him off the street the others are powerless to protest.

B. Caveat. These cops have an impossible job and they are overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. Nobody downtown at City Hall wants to talk about K & A because these people don’t vote and don’t contribute to anybody’s campaign A lot is tolerated up there because decent people could care less what happens in the Badlands.

Pick the one that fits your politics