Babs Abroad 2.5

“Nothing is new, you just have to recognize it.” said Cyril Holmes (in his incredibly charming British accent) as he showed us how John Wesley’s house from 1778 has an exercise machine, bed warmer and all house lighting based on candles and mirrors. Some of the locals we have met so far have been cooler than some of the sights. Cyril’s name is wonderful, and his stories from living in London for almost 70 years give more insight than a museum.

John Wesley was the father of Methodism. The religion was based on small accountability groups called societies that have grown into a force to be reckoned with it. I’ve heard many generalizations about Methodism as a whole, so it was interesting to go all the way back to the roots of the religion and see where it came from. I especially love the idea of having a renewing service and covenant at the beginning of every year to rededicate your life back to Christ. A powerful image for me was when we toured the nonconformist graveyard that was filled with puritans. These people were so dedicated to their religion that they weren’t allowed in the normal church graveyard. Their sacrifice for faith stretched from their life into their death.

The British library was absolutely stunning! Books on books on books. I got to see fragments from the gospel of John, Jane Austen’s writing desk and this amazing exhibit on cats that appear throughout literature. I could have spent hours in there.

Afterwards, we ate at a true British pub. I’ve developed a conspiracy theory that all pubs are owned by the same owner. The menus are all the same based on the design, food served and the prices. Even the advertisements are the same. Not that pub food is that great…mulled wine is a different story though! 😁 Last night we attended an ice bar and it was soooooo fun. So fun. Everything was ice, including the cups! We wore furry cloaks and did little penguin dances. The amount of entertainment that can be found in London is absolutely amazing. We had a really ice time. 😂

Now we are hurtling toward Oxford on a speedy train. The sun is rising over the countryside and it is breathtaking. Seeing sheep dot the countryside is a nice change from beeping taxi cabs.

P.s. thank you so much for all the sweet messages! They make my night when I come home and see messages flood in before bed. ❤️