I am more than just a preschool practitioner:

I am more than just a preschool teacher.

I am an artist. Each day children ask me to draw animals, their families, monsters and anything they could imagine. I am an artist.

I am a musician. I make up songs, sing 100's of nursery rhymes a day and play a wide variety of instruments. I am a musician.

I am a nurse. I check temperatures, I give them a plaster for their scraped knees, I give them their medicines and I ensure they are all healthy and fit. I am a nurse.

I am an inventor. Junk modelling, displays, exciting activities are all some of the things I do in my job. I create something from nothing. I am an inventor.

I am a scientist. Science experiments, colour mixing and shaving foam. I explore, experiment and test ideas with the children. I am a scientist.

I am a messenger. Most days the children will say ‘nothing’ when the person collecting them I ask. I tell them all the exciting things we have done today, the children’s achievements, the children’s ideas. I am a messenger.

I am a photographer. All those lovely photos around the setting, online, in learning journeys. I took them, captured the moment. I am a photographer.

I am an actor. Being invited to a tea party, a princess castle or a dungeon during role play is an every day occurrence. I have to be ready to step into any role that I may be given. I am an actor.

I am a story teller. Reading a book isn’t enough, I have to tell the story, act the story and engage in the story. I am a story teller.

I am an author. Making up stories is a great pleasure with children. Writing stories is an invaluable learning tool for children. I am an author.

I am an interior designer. All those lovely displays, proudly showing of the children’s work with bright boarders and photos and setting the room up so the children get the most from the environment. I am an interior designer.

I am more than “just a nursery nurse”, I do more than “just play” and I do more than “cuddle the babies”. I am an inspiration.