Week 5- Inclusive Design

When creating a project of any kind, wether it be a film, a game, a business design etc it is important to widen the reach of these creative projects by including members of greater diversity in the process. Like noted in Sae Qantm’s lecture material ‘Week 5: Inclusive Design’ there are many different ways that media forms such as video games and films can reach a broader audience and essentially make the company more money. A few of these ways would be to take into account race, disabilities, gender equality etc, is this racist towards any race in any way? Could someone with a disability play ant part of this game? Is this prioritizing one gender over the other?

A point of inclusive design that particularly sparks my interest is the over-sexualization of women in media. I’m not just talking about video games or films specifically, I am talking about women in all forms of media and how their bodies are used as an object, as a marketing campaign. This is something that needs to stop. A form of media where this is particularly bad is the music industry not only are womens bodies subjected in lyrics of popular pop songs but also in the accompanying music videos. Here are some examples;

Pitbull’s hit song- Hotel Room Service is a prime example. In this clip the singer ‘Pitbull’ is surrounded by half naked women coming onto him and dancing around him in piles of money as he sings about undressing them and having sex with them. Essentially their job is to make them selves look sexy and desirable whilst he belittles them.

Another different example would be the song ‘Booty’ by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Izalea. This song is literally about having a big booty to shake around and please men, a specific line being “All the sexy girls in the party, grab a man bring him to the dance floor….. It’s his birthday give him what he asks for”. Most women in this industry no any other way to sell their music other than over-sexualizing themselves.


If i am not able to put into words how much of an issue this is really becoming then hopefully this next clip by sex speaker Laci green will. She addresses everything that is wrong with the over-sexualisation of women in media today.

A large number of women are finally beginning to take action on this pressing issue, i only hope that this number of women grows and fast. Heres a fun little re-make of Robin Thickes song ‘Blurred Lines’ that reveres the roles of men and women from the original video clip.

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