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For those who never stepped into a martial arts gym, fighting might look violent, exhaustive, and even non-sense: a lot of guys and girls rolling on the mat, performing too many sit-ups, push-ups, and kicking punch bags. It may look like it hurts — and it does, trust me. So many will think: why the heck would anyone put yourself to this much effort?

But truth is, for most of those who train any martial art, this is a lifestyle that can help achieve better things in life. …

Being positive during the pandemic and thinking outside the box can help us with anxiety — and see a better life after these dark times.

Upside down city view by camera lenses
Upside down city view by camera lenses
Photo by Octavian Rosca on Unsplash

The world is crazy right now.

It seems that the only news we ever see in the newspaper, websites, and tv is about coronavirus and there is nothing else happening on the whole planet (but I bet there is).

It is time to try to stay positive, hoping that the pandemic will go away. Besides doing our part — staying safe at home, taking care of people, and trying to support in any way we can — we can only wish that everything is coming back to normal soon and we will be better afterward.

During these hard times, it…

Some abilities are the key for great team management — and most of the best leaders have these in common

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a director or a team manager, if you want to be a great leader and succeed in this position, you will soon find out that you will need to learn or improve some of your skills.

If someone says that leading people is easy, they are not being totally honest; leadership becomes easier with time and the right tools — but it is usually not a cakewalk for those wearing these shoes for the first…

Working from home is great; but you need to pay attention to your health or your body will suffer

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Chances are that, when you tell someone that you work from home, you get comments like:

  • Wow, that’s awesome!
  • How did you get this gig?
  • Don’t you ever have to commute? Oh, that’s my dream…

And you get these kinds of comments because people only think of the many benefits of working from home — especially if you mention that besides being able to work at your own home office you also have flexible working hours. …

Transitioning from a technical or specialized role for a management position is not always easy. So let me share what I learned so far.

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For most of my career I’ve been a specialist — or sometimes a generalist, but always focused on hands-on areas. So I used to analyze and plan strategies for my own field, present the best solutions, bring results based on my technical knowledge and, of course, follow instructions of my leaders. I always owned those positions, being very comfortable with the idea of being responsible for everything related to my job.

That was my situation three…

Be compassionate: everyone has their own hidden traumas

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Let’s say you have been living in a wild island for the last 20 years. Even if you spent all this time alone, with no one to talk — or break your heart — , you should have some baggage. The loneliness; the fear; the hunting to stay alive. You’ve got your scars. Just as all of us — living in an Island or in big cities, we all have our stories, good and bad, and we have to deal with them.

While some scars are visible, other might be hidden. So…

Working from home might seem amazing, and most of time it is. But is not for everyone, trust me.

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It is super normal that, when you talk to some friends that you didn’t see for a long time or other acquaintance, they ask you about your job or what you do for a living.

And every freakin’ time that I tell somebody that I work from home, the reaction is the same:

“That is awesome, you must love it!”

Or “Oh I wish I could work from home too, how did you get this job?”

Or even “Really? That must…

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