14 brilliant signs from Vancouver’s anti-racism protest #StandUpToRacism

Izzy Tolhurst
Aug 20, 2017 · 2 min read

I love me a sign, and the best were out in force to combat a rally organised by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) at Vancouver’s City Hall on Saturday 19 August.

Over 4000 people turned up to listen to intersectional speakers, chant messages of love and unity and object to the WCAI gathering. As such, the widdle Nazi’s abandoned der meeting.


Bow down, bitches.


Both good, but the invitation to suck nuts is particularly inventive.


An easy concept to work with.


We can’t let it win. Ever.


Can’t argue with that.


Side one…
…aaaaand side two.


Many, many points for creativity.


Sign me up.




I concur!


This ain’t her first protest.
Yep, Grandma gets it.


Your genitals — despite their psychical location — don’t have to stoop so low.


Doge knows.


The message that matters most.

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