I gave up trying to keep up with PC gaming a while ago, it’s expensive, it’s ongoing melange of hardware upgrades and endless configurations have enthralled and frustrated me over the years. Also, being an iOS developer you live in the Apple ecosystem, which isn’t really gamer friendly (though external graphics cards for the future is cool), so I left it behind and I miss it every day.
That is until I read about Shadow.tech. Admittedly I didn’t think much of it when I first heard of the French-based cloud gaming company buried in the endless news-cycle of tech-funding getting its series A funding. I thought it was like the Geforce Now (Nvidia) or Playstation Now experiment but it is a completely different animal altogether. To cut to the chase, you are essentially renting out a very high powered PC in the cloud somewhere (well France), they explain it best on the shadow website. Suffice to say the specs are amazing, 4k gaming at the fraction of the cost.
So this blog entry isn’t a fluff piece for them but an honest appraisal of the bumps, trials, success and tribulations of the process and my ongoing analysis. …

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