WSP 101 — Amy T. Homework

I was both surprised, and in a sense not surprised, with my quiz results. They actually made perfect sense; I had just never considered myself being “neither type.” My whole life, I have considered myself a “night owl”, and that is primarily because my parents are night owls. Growing up, my mom was always up until 12 or 1 am, and that was probably because when you have little kids, parents are able to complete their work once their kids are asleep. Since my father works in international business, and his closest clients are in London, he normally goes to bed slightly after midnight, as it is 8am in London, and he wants to make sure that no urgent emails come in as his clients start their work day. I always thought it was fun when I had the opportunity to stay up late with my parents, and therefore, considered myself a night owl. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized, when I didn’t have to, I kind of enjoyed waking up early, and having the whole day ahead of me. I then started to think I was a “morning person” born into a “night owl” family — although I’m not one to naturally wake up early. I believe that receiving the result of “neither type” fits me very well, as well as makes perfect sense with reflecting back on my productive parts of the day, and my preferred times to be sleeping. It is not my preference to wake up extremely early, or go to bed extremely late, rather somewhere in between, and I can easily adapt on a day-to-day basis based on my schedule. I also believe that my most productive parts of the day are between 10am–12pm before lunch, and then slightly later at night, around 8–10pm.