WSP 101 — Brianne E. Homework

Video 1:

  1. What is going on in this video? While in a business meeting, a women asks a man, who they consider to be an “expert in all things red lines” to please draw her 7 red lines, but she wishes for them all to be perpendicular, and for some to be green and some to be transparent. The video then follows the discussion as the “expert” shares that it is impossible for him to draw red lines that not red, and are all perpendicular.
  2. What is there a true lack of when the engineer suggests ideas that the other’s don’t understand or deny? There is a lack of knowledge and understanding that you cannot have red lines that are green or transparent, and all perpendicular, and a lack of communication in the explanation in how they want their goal to be met, and why it is not possible.
  3. How do you relate to this video? I relate to this video, as I think everyone will, with having a sense of wanting to get a point or idea across to a group of people, and either not being able to communicate that idea in a way that is easily understandable, or having an idea that is not feasible.

Video 2:

  1. What is going on in this video? In this video, the concepts of communication and miscommunication are explained, including how miscommunication occurs and how to avoid it from happening. The four key steps to avoiding miscommunication are understanding that active listening and passive hearing are not the same thing, listen with your eyes, ears, and gut, take time to understand, as well as make sure your thoughts are being understood, and lastly, be open to other’s ideas.
  2. What is your understanding of communication and miscommunication? My understanding of communication, as shared in the video, is a message which is shared with one person to another, and miscommunication is when the message shared is then taken to be interpreted — factors such as age, religion, and one’s upbringing can contribute to one’s miscommunication.
  3. What forms of communication might be useful to you? I believe that both verbal and written communication are the most useful to me.
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