Fish Love
Emma Lindsay

“Is humanity worth dating? All everyone seems to be looking for is to make themselves feel good, and to find a person to make them feel less alone.”

There’s an innate hypocrisy in this view of the world — ‘people only look for what they need. Why cant’t they just give me what I need and stop being so selfish?’.

All you’re doing is trying to find someone that makes you feel less alone. The world is a cold, harsh place. We all need each other. Needing and wanting, and even needing and wanting you, is not evil. It binds us together.

You’re right, though. I think there is a difference between expressing love because you want it returned, and expressing love just because you feel it. We all should do more of the latter. But we should also learn to accept love and appreciate it without feeling like we have to return it. Know that it doesn’t always make demands of us — it just is.

I’m a little skeptical about the ‘learning to give’ idea. It’s beautiful in theory, but there are very real people in the world that will take everything from you until you have nothing left, including your life. How do you know when to stop?

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