UBER: a few guys get rich with their idea; drivers wear out their own cars, pay their own gas and insurance to make $13 an hour; and, full time taxi cab drivers are making less money.
RE: What Paul Graham is Missing About Inequality
Lon Shapiro

You are looking at the glass as 1/2 empty. Most Lyft/Uber drivers are part-time and their cars are going down in value with time anyway, so their only real added cost is fuel. They are driving because they have both the available time (not working elsewhere) and they own an underutilized asset (car) that is declining in value with the passage of time anyway. Technology platforms like Lyft, Uber (and Airbnb for housing) have opened up new economic opportunities for some people to increase their income and return on their assets.

What these platform have really exposed is that we need a platform(s) where traditional workplace employers can and will post individual shifts they need filled on a day by day basis for several days out into the future where each worker from their pre-hired pools of employees (their employees and the employees of their staffing suppliers) can self-select which shifts they want to work. This would provide each worker more control of their work-life schedule. They would gain the schedule flexibility of an Uber/Lyft driver but without having a car and have the benefits of being a W-2 employee.

And if some employer posted work shifts are left unfilled, the employer could raise the rate to be paid (aka surge pricing) until a worker from the pool decides it is worth his/her time to accept it.

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