The changes in cannabis law and the changing consumer perceptions around the cannabis plant have enabled the birth of a brand new industry. This is visible in North America more than anywhere else, where more and more states are legalising both medical and recreational cannabis, but also in Europe, with a sizeable population with a real need for medical cannabis. In both regions, we are seeing exploding interest in CBD products, also derived from the cannabis plant.

A new industry like this represents an economic opportunity that is unheard of. Best of all, cannabis doesn’t care about geography or professional…

FDA headquarters

The FDA had a hearing about CBD. So what was this about?

It’s evident that CBD is gaining traction in the world. In the US it’s no different, CBD is already an enormous market and millions of Americans have tried it. In many states it (as well as cannabis in general) is legal, but nationally it remains a Schedule I drug.

The rise of CBD is forcing national authorities to react, and the FDA is taking the initiative. So last month the FDA held a hearing on CBD to, in their own words, “obtain scientific data and information about the…

The 20th of April is a date of extreme importance for our culture, the cannabis culture. On this day we show how passionate we are about cannabis, and the urgent need to see it legalised — it’s a plant full of benefits, both medical and recreational, and proven to be less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. It is also a day to celebrate all the good things about the plant, together. In the same way, we are passionate every day about the products we make and how we help our CBD patients. …

A couple of months ago, the CBD420 team attended Cannabis Strategies Future in London. Representatives of the cannabis industry from all over the world met to discuss trends, regulations, present business models, go over the latest technology and the overall state of the industry.

Although a lot can happen within 2 months in the cannabis industry, we summarised 5 key takeaways for the long term:

1) The emergence of various multi-million revenue CBD brands

The number of CBD brands starting up is accelerating noticeably. The graph above by Brightfield Group from end of 2018, is probably outdated already. We’re not…

As a cannabis patient and owner of the Swiss cannabis business CBD420, it has been extremely intriguing to witness the sweep of change of the rules and regulations in the world for the cannabis industry. Today, over 30 countries have legalized cannabis for medical use. To recognize the benefits of the plant empowers users and provides legitimacy to safe cannabis businesses.

Yet, cannabis and CBD are continually being censored by social media.

Yes, the fact that cannabis accounts are taken down from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube is frustrating, to say the least, for myself who needs to post-and-post again despite…

Following the much commented recent recommendations by the World Health Organization on the subject of cannabis, I wanted to break this down in a way for everyone to understand its meaning and impact. Here we go.

What happened?

On January 24th, the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, wrote an official letter to UN Secretary-General Guterres recommending to remove cannabis from the list of ‘bad drugs’.

Specifically, WHO made recommendations for all cannabis and cannabis-related substances, cannabis, cannabis resin, extracts, preparations and tinctures to be removed from the Schedules of the Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

So what’s…

About a month ago, we submitted our comment to the US government, or, more specifically, the FDA, which was seeking comments from the public.

Because of cannabis’s international status, those countries that are signatories of drug control treaties should not be able to legalize it, although Canada and Uruguay already have — and Luxembourg, as the first country in Europe to do so, is soon to follow.

Unfortunately, WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence recently announced that it would not give recommendations or reschedule cannabis, explaining that it needs more time to carry out a detailed and critical review.


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the committee that defended cannabis at the “Cannabis schedule reviewing” at the World Health Organization from November 12–16, organized by the entOURage Network, a platform to empower women in the cannabis industry, and paneled by female leaders in the cannabis industry:

I met with care-focused activists in non-profits in a relaxed environment to discuss cannabis — as a force of good rather than as a…

The following is an open letter I wrote to Serge Lebigot from Parents Contre La Drogue after seeing a Facebook post by NORML France, in which they encouraged activists in the cannabis world to respond to Lebigot’s accusations that cannabis advocates are ‘teddy bears’ and ‘utopians’.

Serge Lebigot is not exactly a public figure. It is difficult to find any meaningful article online, his YouTube videos average on the 70 views or so. His organization has no signs of having collaborators. In his outdated website he markets books about the dangers of cannabis. These books are authored by himself. …

Ce qui suit est une lettre ouverte adressée à Serge Lebigot de «Parents Contre La Drogue». Après avoir lu un article de l’association NORML France sur Facebook, dans lequel ils encouragent les activistes du monde du cannabis à répondre à ses accusations selon lesquelles les partisans du cannabis seraient des «nounours» et “utopistes”, j’ai décidé de répondre à M. Lebigot.

Serge Lebigot n’est pas exactement une personnalité publique. Il est difficile de trouver un article significatif en ligne et ses vidéos YouTube ont en moyenne 70 visionnements. Son organisation ne semble pas avoir de collaborateurs. Sur son site Web, il…

Jonas Duclos

Dad, skater, cannabis patient and Founder of JKB Research SA and Helvetic Nature— / Insta: @o.g.winnfield Twitter: @JonasDuclos

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