Game of Thrones is Really A Story About Climate Change

It’s here. Winter.

Last night we saw the finish to the penultimate season of the hottest (coldest?) show on television. It came with dragons, ice dragons, promises, lies, one hell of a throat-slice, and incest we’ve all been strangely craving.

For the next two years, we’ll all be left to wonder what comes next. But before we move forward, let’s take one step back. I have this theory; well, my girlfriend has this theory that I’m stealing actually.

The Seven Kingdoms is a place of wonder for viewers and book readers. It provides us with an opportunity to get lost. Instead of worrying about North Korea, we get to delve into theories of whether or not Cersei is really pregnant, wonder if the Jon-Danny relationship crosses the line of weirdness where we want it to stop, and try to figure out why the ice-dragon looks like a bajillion times as fast as the normal dragon. But besides all that, one characteristic of the Seven Kingdoms seems to be right in front of us smacking us in the face. Game of Thrones isn’t just about life versus death and the iron throne. Game of Thrones is about Climate Change.

Let’s look at a couple parallels. First, all of the smart people are prettyyyyyyy worried about the impending super-winter that’s going to cause a lot of people to probably die. It’s like all Jon, the smartest and noblest of them all, will ever talk about. Danny didn’t really see the effects first, cause she’s from the South…or West maybe? I don’t know. But once she caught a glimpse of that cold, she promised to fight against it. Smart people understand the issue at hand, and their willing to put aside their differences in politics to save humanity.

Next, all the dumb people are too worried about stupid power grabs to really do anything about it. Some politicians, in the show and real life, don’t want to admit that we have a major fucking problem, EVEN WHEN THE SCIENCE IS THROWN RIGHT IN THEIR FACE IN THE FORM OF A DEAD GUY TRYING TO KILL YOU OR A SCIENTIFIC PEER FUCKING REVIEWED ARTICLE. Cersei might as well be Mitch McConnell. Plus with Mitch being from Kentucky, is the whole sibling thing totally out of the question?

Regardless, while all the humans are being stupid and fighting over who gets to sit in the chair, what’s really coming to kill us isn’t alive. It’s our past — i.e. the dead. just as the dead are marching forward to kill all of humanity in the Seven Kingdoms, our sins of the past and our failure to change our ways can end our world.

People will deny that winter is here and how big of a problem that is. Meanwhile, White people are inching closer and closer to destroy humanity.

Like it or not, winter is here. Stay woke.