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Favor for the boss.

“That’s it, I’m leaving you. You pay me chicken feed.”
“Do you know, how big the line to replace you? Hundreds.” The man started to be nervous. He didn’t want her to leave. So hot and leaving…nah!
“Well, then they’ll have drawing. I don’t care. Either you raise my salary in two times, or I’m leaving.” The girl’s eyes flashed angrily.
“Wait, love, let’s have a deal.”
“Or, you raise my pay, or,” she turned her body towards door, “I’m leaving.”
“Okay, quid pro quo. I’ll give you double raise, if you’ll help me with one presentation under my conditions.” The man tried do not devour her body with his eyes.
“Details?” The girl seemed very interested.
“You will be like “spy”, with certain thing inside of you.” He almost licked his lips, thinking about it.
“Whoa, I think you are a pervert. I have no fucking idea, what are you talking about, but I don’t think I wanna know.” The girl zipped up her coat.
“I’ll triple your salary,” His look was very heavy. He looked like an addict, who needed his shot.
“What I suppose to put inside of me?” The girl almost knew the answer, but prayed to God, she was mistaken.
“Little, neat vibrator.” Man’s eyes flashed lustfully, imagining her shaking during the presentation.
The girl looked at him with shock and disgust.
“You are sick, are you? How I will work with vibrator being in my pussy?” She looked at him, and slowly started to have whole picture in her mind.
“So? Yes or no?”
The girl was silent, and he could see, how bad was that debate, between conscience and morality inside of her mind.
“I’ll pay you four times your normal pay. It’s my last word, Mindy.”
The girl broke down. It was big money.
“Did you ever do it with anyone?” She didn’t know which question to ask, to ease the situation.

“Yes, of course. You are not the first one. Okay, presentation will start in fifteen minutes. Here is the gel, here is the cock. The duration of presentation is twenty-five minutes. Don’t cum too often. Amount of allowed orgasms are three.”
He watched her, while she got ready for the presentation. She was very hot. And that idea, that he controls the amount of orgasms she’ll have, was very exciting. Maybe she is one of those women who cums really heavy, and he’ll barely get one or two? Third one he wanted to give with his dick.
The room slowly started to fill up with other men, and he pushed “first speed” button. The girl almost screamed and looked at him with surprise. “Yes, my dear,” flashed in his head, “I forgot to tell you about it. The intensity of your future orgasms are my will.”
“Sir, Mr, Oils, can I have you here for a second? I need to clarify some details about draft.”
“Yes, of course.” He turned off the vibrator.
“You didn’t tell anything about speed control in your hand.”
“Well, now you know,” the man smiled sneaky, “shall we play?”
The vibrator started to work and girl noticed how cute are guys around. Warmth from the vibrator started to spread down her thighs. Oh, my God. It was so good. She almost didn’t remember when she had sex, and forgot how good is that feeling — to be filled up.
“Dear gentlemen,” she started and hardly suppressed her moan — her boss turned on “second speed”, “today I’ll briefly (thanks God) will tell you how exactly our company will spend your money.”

He was listening, and slowly was getting aroused. To control someone’s excitation was like a drug. If he’ll press “third speed” she’ll have pain, but lot of orgasms. He wanted her to roll her eyes, when tense will be too much to handle. Of course, all these guys will start to think what’s going on, but they will remember it. He needed money himself to pay her, what he promised. Damn, hot bitch — crazy money! He smoothly pressed the “second speed” button — the girl broke a pencil, grabbing the edge of the board. His dick got harder, when he imagined how he enters roughly her ass, while her pussy will be dripping wet, wanting bigger dick.
“He has no right to switch speeds so fast. I almost cum.” The girl desperately thought about vibrator, and not about the presentation. She felt her wetness running down her thighs. What an asshole. She prayed to God he won’t turn the “third speed”, but apparently God had vacation, and she had heard by Devil — first seconds of “third speed” gave her crazy orgasm. Waves of the vibrator were like electric cloths, which hold her clit and didn’t let it go. She wanted to sit, but couldn’t relax her thighs. The orgasms kept “torturing” her body, until boss didn’t switch it on “first speed”. Mindy relaxed her legs and sat behind the table. Her clit was so swollen and sensitive that she felt light “wind” under the table.
“I’ll sit, with your permission.” The girl could finally relax a bit. She still felt the vibrations, but its weren’t so strong, as far as vagina walls were loose.
“I’m sorry, my dear, but I didn’t quite get that piece of the draft with terms.” Mr. Oils crossed his gaze with hers.
While she was getting up, man turned on “second speed” again, Mindy bent over the table and moaned “Did you ever notice, how smooth is this table?” The man clenched his teeth, he would stick his hard cock inside of her with so much pleasure. He thought he can smell her juices. Other men started to suspect something, because he saw how their hands disappeared under the table. “Ha-ha, yeah, wanna jerk off, dear investors?”

“Let’s go back to diagram,” the girl went back to the board, waving her hips very seductive, “as far as I see, everything looks fine with the terms.”
The man didn’t want just sit and jerk off. He wanted to fuck her.
“Well, I think my assistant explained everything very clear. I’ll give you time, until tomorrow, to discuss all information.”
The members of presentation looked at him with light fear. Oh, yeah, he forgot. They need time to “calm down”.
“Mindy, love, you can sit.”
While men were calming down their hormones, he started to play with speeds again. Smoothly rolling the buttons, he imagined how his slippery from her juices fingers, gently teasing and pinching her clit. The need to feel that “pulsating” top with fingers became barely restrained.
“Gentlemen, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He got up and followed investors to the door.
Hardly slam the door he turned around.
“Get on the table. Now!”
“I already did cum for you once. Let me go.”
“I didn’t have enough play with you.” He came very close to her and put his wet from saliva finger on her throbbing clit. The girl froze — his “flirting” with her clit and “second speed” steadily led her to the second orgasm. He teased her so well, delaying the orgasm. Mindy saw he dropped his pants, and now gathers her juices with his dick.
“Sir, what are you doing? Where do you want to stick it? It’s taken already…” the girl looked at his with uncomprehending gaze.
“I’ll be very gentle. I figured it’s your first time down there.”
She felt his finger slowly pushing into her butt hole. She got overwhelmed with shame. After the shame, the pleasure came from moves of his finger inside of that tight muscle. “Oh my God, this is so wrong. He can’t fuck me into two holes in the same time, can he?”

Looked like he read her mind and head of his cock slowly had his way into her butt hole. His finger kept touching her clit, and her brain was switching from one sensation to other. Finally, he entered her butt and she felt totally new feelings. The man took off his finger from her “sensitive spot”, and she could concentrate on her butt. The businessman took off the vibrator full of her juices and lavishly applied that wetness on his hard dick. Then put vibrator back into her pussy and turned on “first speed”. The ring of wet muscles let him in very easily. He started to move deep and slow. The girl put his legs on his shoulders and stopped to fight — the sensations were overwhelming. The man put his finger back on her pulsating clit, he wanted more orgasms from her.
The vibrator was jumping by itself inside of her pussy, because of his dick. The girl tried to concentrate on new sensations. It was too much. The waves from vibrator sent all the ways, hurrying the orgasm. The man knew it, and rubbed her clit time by time, giving her time to gave more strength for the next wave of pleasure. His dick was pressing vibrator to the clit, which was ready to explode every second. He kept pounding harder and deeper, and his finger was rubbing her clit more intense. Mindy arched her back and screamed. He switched to “third speed” and kept moving. She felt like orgasm was migrating from her clit to her butt and back. The pushes from his cock stopped when she felt his orgasm — he froze and didn’t move. She knew he was still inside by his pulsating cock.
Seconds later he looked at her and said.
“It was the most expensive sex I ever had. But, money not the problem. The problem is — I wanna repeat everything one more time.”