How to setup the interconnect between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure

Jamal Arif
Jun 20 · 9 min read
OCI-Azure Interconnect

Pre-requisites Step 1: Microsoft Azure

VNET and Subnet Creation
Virtual Network Gateway Details
Virtual Network and Gateway Network
Public IP for Virtual Network Gateway

Pre-requisites Step 2: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Create Virtual Cloud Network plus related resources
Resources to be created
Subnets automatically created
Create Dynamic Routing Gateway
Attach VCN to DRG

Step 1: Setup Azure ExpressRoute

The connection is currently available only between the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure location in the us-ashburn-1 region and the Azure Washington DC location

Step 2: Setup Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

FastConnect Circuit
FastConnect Circuit in Provisioning State
UP Status of FastConnect virtual circuit
Details page of FastConnect Virtual Circuit
Azure ExpressRoute Provisioned Status
Azure ExpressRoute Peering details

Step 3: Link VNet to Azure ExpressRoute

Configure Values for connection
Connection to ExpressRoute successful

Step 4: Associate Network Security groups and Route table to Azure VNet

Network Security Group
Associate VNet Subnet to Network Security Group
Inbound Network Security Group Rules
Route table Creation
Adding a Route to the Route Table

Step 5: Configure OCI VCN Security Lists and Route Table

Security List Rule

Test your Connection!!

Azure VM PING Test to OCI VM Private IP
OCI VM PING test to Azure VM Private IP

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