Who will make the Top 4 in the Premier League?

I am wagering come Sunday 11 pm local time, most of us who religiously follow the English Premier League would either call dips on the television or flock to our favorite sports bar. I mean, why wouldn’t we? Even if Chelsea managed to pull ahead, there is still much excitement further down the table.

Arsenal for one is facing off Manchester United this Sunday. It’s certainly a big test for Arsene Wenger and his team but if there is ever a time to prove that a top four finish is Arsenal’s birthright, this will be the time.

With so much action going on, the good folks at Popular Chips decided to explore the next best thing. The top 4 EPL teams and their players on Instagram. Complete with our very own Premier League ‘Instagram’ Table!

Let’s check out their best performing posts for the past year, shall we?

Originally published at popularchips.com.

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